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What is The Combination?

Combining talents on many projects since 2010, Loredo Malcolm and Vi Lam founded The Combination. With years of experience between them, they have vision of creating a dance community and establishing a creative presence in the Corporate world of Entertainment.


THE Combination’s aim;

The Combination is focused on working within the Contemporary Dance Community, with an aim to develop more opportunity for Contemporary Dancers in Australia.


THE Combination’s mission;

We are passionate about inspiring young dancers, progressing to work within regional communities and Dance studios. We provide workshops, Choreography, Solos, Competition Routines, Privates and Educational talks. 


The Combination works to create more contemporary projects for Australian dancers focusing strongly in the field of Professional Contemporary Dance Community in Australia. 


Some corporate events that have utilised out skills are;

*HINO car and Truck (2 years) Opening  Gala performance 


*Bank of China




*Australia Medical School

*Australian Chinese Performing Artists Association


Why choose The Combination?

We provide strong creative Direction for events. With over 10 years experience we want to provide quality to our work and we will always deliver our best. The Combination as a team of Dancers have a strong understanding of our field. For more information on us Individually please check out our pages.

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